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Relational ministry is changing the way pastors, staff and parishioners envision the goals of Church life.

The staff and pastor of St. Brigid’s in San Diego gathered to face “the unpleasant truth that people have been leaving the parish for quite some time,” said Deacon Mike Daniels. “Each year our numbers have declined for about a decade.”

Within one year of forming an Alliance with the EC, St Brigid went from having 30 people in small groups to 350 people.  EC trained lay leaders and their small groups are reaching out to people in the pews, who’ve left the Church, or never been churched at all.

It’s working: Not satisfied to accept decline, St. Brigid parish turned the tide to renewal:

The EC partners with 25 parishes around the country bringing the Good News to nearly 1400 people in parishioner-led evangelization small groups.

  • Jesus told us, it is by our love for one another that people will know we are His disciples. But if we are honest, like most Catholic parishes, we needed to do some work to be that kind of community.  Realizing we lacked the tools to achieve this on our own, we contacted The Evangelical Catholic…. ‘
    We are teaching our people to take ownership in creating a dynamic and loving parish. We have about 50 leaders who have embraced the call. Thanks to Evangelical Catholic, we have the tools for equipping them to be highly skilled workers….

    Deacon Mike Daniels, Saint Brigid Parish
  • …without a doubt, [the EC Alliance] has changed me…both in my personal commitment as a disciple, and in my perspective on the role entrusted to me as pastor…I now recognize that I am called to invite and encourage people to take the next step in their relationship with the Lord.

    Msgr. Steven Callahan, Pastor, St. Brigid Parish
  • Our pastoral staff is working more collaboratively than ever. Our leaders are equipped and empowered. Group participants truly are coming to know Jesus in a new, more personal and intimate way. The difference in the “spirit” at our Masses is palpable. We—by the grace of God, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the wisdom and guidance of the Evangelical Catholic team—are building Disciples!”

    Maryanne Russell, Director of Stewardship, St. Brigid Parish
  • Last Spring we had about 400 people sign up for a small sharing group, led by one of these leaders in their homes. That is when we began to see our parish start to act as a body united and animated by the Holy Spirit. Lives are being transformed. Deep and profound friendships are being formed. There is a buzz in our parish that did not exist before this process.

    Deacon Mike Daniels, Saint Brigid Parish
  • Participating in [EC small groups] was incredible–it challenged, inspired, and ultimately blessed me in ways beyond words…. as the weeks passed by we continued to grow closer through sharing of our unique, grace-filled stories and revealing how Christ unceasingly calls us deeper into His unfathomable mercy and love. … [the group] widened my heart to receive others more lovingly.

    Christopher Hazell, Parishioner, St. Brigid Parish


Smart strategies and person-to-person evangelization are transforming college and university campus ministry nationwide.

“We know we want to reach more people but we don’t know how” said Fr. Jon Seda of Saint Thomas Aquinas Parish and Student Center at Iowa State University (STA).

“I have two degrees in theology but the practical steps of how do you draw people into a close relationship with Christ… with the Church aren’t things that a lot of us really have…”

Within one year of becoming an EC Alliance ministry, STA is reaching students who don’t come to church.

“God is really working on our campus! People are starting to come and they’re starting to open up to Him again and it’s awesome!” Katelyn Swartz, ISU student

“We have men breaking down the doors to get involved – this just doesn’t happen in ministry….  If you want to be formed yourself and know how to evangelize, absolutely have an Alliance with the EC!”  Emily Klaus, Campus Minister, Saint Thomas Aquinas Student Center  

It can happen on your campus, too.  Let’s do it together.

The EC partners with 63 campuses around the country bringing the Good News to nearly 2000 people in student-led evangelization small groups.

  • The stories I’m hearing from students, the ways that they’re reaching out to people has been amazing. God is placing people in these students’ lives and they’re responding…. Daily mass is full, it’s full every single day. We have men just clamoring down the door. This never happens. This doesn’t happen in ministry!

    Emily Klaus, Campus Minister, St. Thomas Aquinas Student Center at ISU
  • When the EC comes to visit the campus, they bring energy, they bring leadership, they bring direction…. [Before EC} we were almost trying to pull people into small groups; this year we needed more small group leaders!

    David Drendel, student, Iowa State University
  • I love the EC. It’s a prayer come true. They focus on Christ, that is what, for me, the EC brings. You don’t lean on the EC but you learn to do it and then you teach others to do it too. Everywhere I go from here, the EC will be there.

    Fr. Richmond Dzekoe, Associate Pastor, St. Thomas Aquinas Parish and Student Center
  • I came here 24 years ago so I’ve seen a whole generation go through… Back then we were trying to keep cultural Catholics, cultural Catholics. Today young people are much more intentional about their religious commitment.

    The EC has been a big part of us shifting from the maintenance model to the mission model of the parish and that makes a big difference.

    Fr. Jon Seda, Pastor, St. Thomas Aquinas Parish and Student Center
  • Before we started working with EC, evangelization was a word I was completely uncomfortable with. It brought up images of in my face, Bible-thumping Protestants… The EC model…. turned evangelization from a “them versus us” atmosphere. I was ready then because it wasn’t just about converting the masses, but converting our own hearts.

    We went from having one small group three years ago, to having twenty this past year – in less than two years we grew that much!

    Shari Riley, Director of Campus Ministry, St. Thomas Aquinas Student Center at ISU


Diocesan leadership equipped as evangelization experts change the status quo. They have the skills and knowledge to train local parish staff and lay leaders for mission. That changes everything.

Let’s be honest.  Many parishes are struggling to be relevant in today’s world. We can help you turn the tide. With a compelling plan that communicates the heart of the Father coupled with the right leadership, we can breathe new life into your diocese through intentional relationships with parishes.

We teach you evangelization strategy and skills that draw upon and translate the patrimony of the Church into proven real-world applications. We equip you to inspire, train, and support parishes to shift from a maintenance to a mission model of ministry.

“The formation of the lay faithful must be placed among the priorities of a diocese.”  Pope St. John Paul II, Christifideles Laici, 58.

The EC partners with dioceses around the country bringing the Good News to people through parishioner-led evangelization small groups and one-on-one apprenticing relationships.

  • I chose to invest in a partner relationship with the EC because they will mentor me and give me the skills and the methods to equip Missionary Disciples for years to come.

    Sean Ater, Director of the Office of the New Evangelization, Archdiocese of Cincinnati
  • Not only does the EC have a solid theological understanding of the evangelization process given to us by the Church, they also have years and years of practical experience that has borne fruit in the lives of countless individuals….  The goal of the EC is not to become entrenched in a diocese but to empower the diocese to train others in the method of evangelization given to us by the Church.

    Sean Ater, Director of the Office of the New Evangelization, Archdiocese of Cincinnati
  • Our culture and our world is in a flood of lies…. Unless there is a massive cultural shift brothers and sisters, this is going to get worse. The only thing that can change it if more of us Christians, and Catholics especially, become authentic disciples….

    I would like to applaud our Cathedral Parish for working at intentional discipleship through evangelism programs that help us to disciple one another. The Evangelical Catholic program is one of them where we can sit at the feet of Jesus together… to have that living and loving relationship with Jesus Christ that is so central to being a good Christian, a good Catholic.… We must be in a living loving relationship with Jesus Christ to know that he is alive, to know that he is real, and to be in daily communication with him.

    Bishop Ricken, Diocese of Green Bay, Sermon in Lent 2013

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