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Your support builds communities.

Thank you so much for your generous contributions.

We are in the process of transitioning to a new donation platform.

If you are a new donor, please use the form on this page for all NEW one time or recurring gifts.

If you are an existing donor, please use our old donor platform HERE to edit an existing recurring gift.

We work hard to leverage all of our resources to equip local Catholic parishes and ministry organizations for fruitful, dynamic evangelization. We work with pastoral and lay leaders to build Catholic communities that not only renew themselves through evangelization, but most importantly, reach the fringes with the gospel. Our God longs for his people to reach more souls with his love and compassion.

In Isaiah 49, God says that it is too little a thing for Isaiah to renew the people of Israel; he longs for Isaiah’s message to be a light beyond Israel to the nations. Jesus made it clear that he did not come for the healthy or for those that could already see. He came for the sick, for the blind, for the lost sheep. Accordingly, Pope Francis exhorts the Church to reach beyond those in the pews into the existential peripheries. Our passion is to equip Catholics to reach those who have not yet found their home in Jesus Christ. Please join us in serving our Lord and his Church in this way!

Thank you for your interest in our mission. We will passionately use your sacrificial gifts to reach more lives with his good news.

Spiritual Support Network

Support our Campus Partners

This summer, we’re asking you to join our Spiritual Support Network and offer prayers and spiritual works for our campus ministry partners. We will send your prayers and offerings to each of our campus ministry partners. They will know that they are not alone in the Lord’s vineyard and that you are standing alongside them in the great work of bringing our nation’s young people to Christ.

Thank you!

The Evangelical Catholic, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charity.  Donations are tax deductible.  Tax ID# 39-1947596