EC Impact: Kristen

“These one-on-ones helped me to recognize Jesus’ love for me for the first time and taught me that someone cared enough to share this with me and teach me.” Celebrations of Jesus’ birth, the Holy Mother, Epiphany, and the Lord’s Baptism usher in 2019 with blessings and hope. As we at the EC look back at 2018, the power of the year […]

EC Impact: Colleen

“God is truly reaching more in this work.”     Colleen serves the Church and the U.S.A. as a military spouse, most recently at Camp Pendleton Marine Base. In sharing her story, she demonstrates a full-blown willingness to go where God calls—literally—and the fruitfulness of EC discipleship training in reaching those in search of God. […]

“Do not be afraid, for I am with you”

I remember growing up being terrified of my basement. It was unfinished- uncarpeted stairs and floors, random poles everywhere, medieval washer and dryer, and some creaky exercise equipment.  Unfortunately, it also housed the foosball table.  If I wanted to engage in some competitive leisure, I had to venture down to the basement. What definitely scared […]

Pope Francis is an Evangelical! Part I

It shows in everything he says and does – Francis’ pontificate exemplifies what it means to be both evangelical and Catholic. As many know, “evangel” means “good news.”  Followers of the EC will have heard us stick “ical” on the end of the English translation to make “goodnewsical.” People sit up, attention arrested, because when […]